"It should be obvious that a solution in the industry must go further than a linear regression or a greedy algorithm."

I am researcher at BANXICO (the central bank of Mexico) since 2014, where my principal activities consist in designing and implementing optimization models as well as analyzing data. I received my Ph.D. degree in 2014 from the Department of Mathematics at CINVESTAV under supervision of Carlos E. Valencia. Between 2011 and 2012, I visited the HP Labs at Palo Alto, CA to work with Burcu Aydin, Kemal Guler, Lyle Ramshaw, Pano Santos and Bob Tarjan. There, I developed algorithms to study tree-structure data, and supported the implementation of assignment algorithms for resource planning allocation.

I enjoy solving economical and technological problems, ranging from implementing optimization models for the Mexican central bank to creating video games for Android, as well as, simulating 3D RNA recombination. My research lies on algebraic and topological combinatorics, as well as statistics and optimization.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed on this site are mine, and do not represent those of the Central Bank of Mexico.